18th Sunday


Foxdale, Oasby, by kind permission of Mr and Mrs Nigel Wild,  Hound Exercise,  Hounds set off at 11am prompt.




We are following the Government and Hunt Office Covid-19 guidelines, which can be read here under the Heading Covid-19 

Booking in under Covid 19 procedure. 

The Booking in Procedure is as follows:-

From 1st April 2021 everyone is required to do one disclaimer for the season 2021/22. 

Please Email [email protected] to request a place and you will be sent your disclaimer to complete and a booking in form which you can save and use for future rides. 

Payment must be made by Bank transfer prior to the booking in form being returned to HonSec. 


Once your booking in form is received you will receive a confirmation email only then is your place confirmed. 

PLEASE DO NOT FORWARD THE EMAIL TO YOUR FRIENDS, they must follow the booking in procedure themselves.  The above has  resulted  in confusion, people being missed and ultimately not being able to join us.

 If you wish to book and pay for more than one person, that is fine, but every individual needs to complete a disclaimer. However, the booking in form can be completed for multiple people if one person is paying for everyone. 

Bookings will close at 5pm on the Friday prior to the Sunday outing. Please check with the facebook page to ensure you do not miss the deadline. Thank you. 


Car followers currently should not be encouraged, but we cannot police this therefore we must ask you to stay on the public highway and never venture on to private property. Please do not congregate at road crossings/junctions; do not get out of your vehicles without observing social distancing rules.  Should an emergency situation occur which requires you to help out, please wear masks, gloves and use hand sanitizer.  

If you need assistance with your horse, i.e. to load, mount etc, please ensure you bring assistance with you on the day from your household. We can only assist with emergency situations at this time.  Thank you for your understanding.