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     Meet the Hounds 

Meet The Hounds

A Miracle in the making


MIRACLE,  what great news for this beautiful girl. As many of you know Wendy reared her on the bottle with unrelenting help from Simon Baker and his team at Orchard House veterinary surgeons in Metheringham. As many of you are aware she has no left hip which has masked a much more acute problem within her spine. Simon diagnosed this some 6 weeks ago and within a few days had organised a consultation at Noel Fitzpatrick Referrals with consultant veterinary neurologist Dr. Jeremy Rose. Jeremy operated 2 days later and opened up Miracles spine at T8-9 and widened the canal in which the spinal cord runs, this canal was trapping the spinal cord hence she was almost totally paralysed behind T8. He also placed 16 pins in T7/8/9 and 10 with plates he then encased the cord In surgisnow to protect it from the heat produced when the whole operation site was encased in bone cement, the procedure took approx 6 hrs. For 2 weeks post op Miracle was holding her own but then started to go downhill, Jeremy decided to MRI the spine and detected a blood clot around the spinal cord, he immediately operated again and remove the clot. Steadily she has come on slowly and with the help of Jeremy and the team of physio's and nurses she is now regaining the use in her hind limbs. She is embarking along a long road but we can honestly say she has never once been anything but happy and loving to all around her. She and ourselves have received the very best treatment from a totally professional team from day one and I can honestly say that they have shown her just as much love as we have. 

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