Cranwell bloodhounds

The Cranwell Bloodhounds


The Cranwell Bloodhounds were formed in 1992 by Joint masters the late  


Philip Broughton and his wife Wendy, with a view to providing a day in the  

countryside that everyone could enjoy. Bloodhounds hunt the "clean boot"

meaning that they hunt the natural scent of man i.e. a cross country runner.  

To do this, hounds are given an article of clothing to smell or the quarry 

will greet the hounds at the meet, thus giving the hounds ample time to get  

used to their scent.The quarry is given approximately 20 minutes head start 

prior to each of the three or four lines which are hunted each day. No artificial 

scent is used, just the natural smell of the quarry. The speed of the hunt may 

be determined by the terrain and atmospheric conditions i.e weather. 

This private pack of Bloodhounds enjoys around 20 days hunting in a season 

(from September to March). They meet most Sundays at the homes of friends at 

1.00pm. and after the first two lines, (or hunts), rest for a while to enjoy the 

hospitality of the Masters, before continuing to arrive back at the boxes at 

approximately 3.30pm 

Upcoming Events!! 

August 18th, Hound Exercise at Stubton nr. Newark.  Meet 12 noon hounds set off at 12.30 prompt. Parking details to follow. Casual Dress code. Please have correct CAP and arrive in good time. Thank you. 

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